Media Freelancer based in the Outer Hebrides

Jack Wolf Productions


Started off as a live stream engineer doing various live streaming jobs in the local area. Some of these events include local festivals, local mod's, and the royal national mod.  This work eventually lead me into other aspects of the industry such as camera operating in a multi-camera production, rigging, music video filming, sound recording/mixing etc.  

Having worked at the BBC in the Gaelic Radio (BBC Radio nan Gaidheal) as a Technical Operator, I have a large amount of knowledge in the broadcasting environment. From problem solving through to ensuring a high quality end result is produced whilst working with good communication with the presenter(s) and producer(s). 

My work also includes the installation of Audio/Video systems in venues. This entails the initial on-site consultation, quote for equipment costs, installation, testing, and finally, providing training for the end-user of the system.


  • Technical Oprator - BBC Radio nan Gaidheal


    Technical Operator for the BBC. Working in the radio broadcasting environment, working closely with presenters and producers to ensure the high quality broadcast of programmes. During my time at the BBC I was given the chance to develop my communication skills, team work skills, and broadcasting skills. Working in such an intense environment equips you with the skills to be attentive and very responsive to what is going on, very often with many things happening at once.  Parts of the job included: broadcasting daily programmes on the National Radio Station, ensuring correct audio levels for programmes, recording pre-recorded discussions for broadcast on live programmes, and lining up contributors for during the live programmes. 

  • HebCelt Festival 2022 - Camera Operator


    Multi-Camera Operator filming performances such as Texas, Seasick Steve, Tide-Lines, Skippinish, Elephant Sessions, Colin Macleod, and Julie Fowlis.

  • HebCelt Festival 2022 - Sound Engineer


    Sound Engineer for various artists at the HebCelt Family Concerts. Done sound for artists such as Tide Lines, Norrie ‘Tago’ Maciver, Willie Campbell and friends where there were 200+ in attendance. 

  • HebCelt Festival 2022 - Graphic Creation for large screens in Festival Big Top Tent


    Designed and created information slide graphics which were to be displayed on the large screens in the Big Top festival tent. High quality graphics were produced with good feedback received on the end-product.

  • Royal National Mod 2021 Streaming Engineer - Employed by Wee Studio

  • HebCelf Festival 2021 Streaming Engineer - Employed by Wee Studio

  • APC Stornoway Full A/V System Installation

  • Streaming System Installation for Stornoway High Church

  • Barvas Church of Scotland Streaming System Installation



  • HebCelt Festival

    Streaming Engineer

  • BBC

    Technical Operator

  • An Comunn Gàidhealach - Royal National Mod

    Streaming Engineer

  • Stornoway High Church of Scotland

    Streaming System quote & installation

  • Barvas Church of Scotland

    Audio and Streaming system installation

  • Associated Presbyterian Church Stornoway

    Audio/Visual, Projection, Streaming System

  • Carloway Church of Scotland

    Assistance with streaming system

  • Barvas Free Church of Scotland

    Final assistance and guidance on streaming

  • Wee Studio

    Streaming engineer for The Royal National Mod and HebCelt Festival 2021


  • Audio Visual System Installation

  • Network Installation

  • Live Streaming

  • Quotes

  • Musician

  • Fluency in verbal and written Gaelic

  • Instrument/Vocal Recording

  • Live Sound

  • Use of DAW

  • Video Editing (Davinci Resolve)

  • Graphic Designing (Using Canva)

  • Web Design & Development

  • Problem Solving

  • Group tutoring

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